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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Spring, summer and fall are the ideal times of year to have your trees and shrubs treated using deep root liquid fertilization. This process is highly effective for improving the overall health and beauty of these plantings and is designed to remedy the effects of stress and deficiencies caused by severe root damage, soil compaction, and other problems that can occur over time.

In this treatment, a feed needle is used to pressure-inject a liquid nutritive solution into the root zone of the affected tree or shrub. Feeding begins just below the surface of the soil and filters down to a depth of 12 to 14 inches.


Deep root fertilization is beneficial for:

  • Improving soil structure and aeration

  • Stimulating root and stem growth

  • Providing consistent nourishment throughout the season

  • Increasing protection from disease, insects, and weather extremes

  • Enhancing the attractiveness of your property with healthier trees and shrubs

Contact us today to learn more about our deep root fertilization services, a vital step to ensuring that your trees and shrubs remain healthy all year round. 

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