Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly - Recognize the Signs:
Nymph Stage

1st instar - April to June

2nd & 3rd - June to July

4th instar - July to Sept (red)

Adult Stage

July - December

Egg Masses

September to April (unhatched)

Some of the more prevalent host species for this insect include:

Staghorn Sumac
(Rhus typhina)
  • Toothed leaf edge

  • Upright red, fuzzy fruit

  • Twigs are fuzzy

  • Smooth bark

  • Horizontal lenticels on bark

  • Grows in clonal colonies

Tree of Heaven
(Ailanthus altissima)
  • Primary host

  • Smooth leaf edge

  • 1-2 teeth at leaf base

  • Strong odor (burnt peanut butter)

  • V or heart-shaped leaf scar

  • No terminal bud

  • Papery seed

  • Light gray/brown bark

  • Cantaloupe bark pattern

Black Walnut
(Juglans nigra)
Black walnut-cropped.jpg
  • Toothed leaf edge

  • Large round fruit

  • "Monkey-faced" leaf scar

  • Chambered dark pith

  • Dark, rough diamond pattern bark