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Sage Tree Experts has been providing residential tree service to Central New Jersey communities for over four decades.  Our team of highly-skilled field personnel includes licensed tree experts, certified arborists, and qualified technicians, all trained to handle every aspect of tree and shrub care. 

Sage offers a full range of residential landscaping services to include the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of plantings. We work closely with clients to meet the specific goals they have in mind and to help identify which trees, plants and shrubs are best suited to their property. Once installed, we help maintain those plantings in order to optimize your landscape no matter what the season.

Seasonal fertilization of your trees and plantings is essential for maintaining the overall health and beauty of your landscape. It improves soil structure and aeration, stimulates root and stem growth, provides consistent nourishment to your trees and plants throughout the seasons, and offers increased protection from disease, insects, and weather extremes.


There are many environmental factors, both natural and man-made, that can affect your landscape’s ability to evolve and thrive. Our tree experts and plant management specialists are acutely aware of these issues and can formulate an appropriate plan geared towards maintaining balance within your property’s outdoor living space.